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Twinsburg Travel Testimonials

Had another great time!!!!  Mobay VIP was a great idea.  Saved us 2 hrs both arriving and departing.  Told many people at the resort to use you  in the future.



Carol and I thoroughly enjoyed our vacation at Sandals Whitehouse. Thanks for the Club Mobay recommendation – a sweet service :-)



We are back from warm and sunny Jamaica!
Thanks for your hard work. Trip was wonderful!



Walter and I would like to thank-you for a well planned honeymoon we enjoyed it, and have recommended it to our friends, again Thank-you .

Wilma and Walter


We can't thank you enough for all you and your staff have done in booking our trip along with the two other couples.

Thank you again!
Sheila and Keary

Yeh Mon,

Trip was totally great. Sandals Negril was in better shape than our last visit in Jan 2009. Most of the staff were around and lots of fellow returning guests. Met great new people who will probably return next year. I'll pass on your contact info. Did not book next year on property...assume we can do as well if not better later.

Thanks for the email,


Our stay to Sandals was wonderful. Thanks for making our travels so easy and planning so painless.

Lorie I


Vacation was wonderful, again! Thank you for always making the planning easy. For all the times we've booked with you, it's always been a great experience from start to finish! So thank you! The resort is a fabulous as we remembered and the staff was great. Their touch made a great vacation even better. Looking forward to planning. Thank you again. Michelle


We thoroughly enjoyed our vacation. The only problem was that it was too short. Twinsburg did a fine job for us. Our requests were granted and all went very smoothly. We thank you.

Warren & Gail

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Sandals Emerald Bay

Brandy and I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for the dessert your team sent to the room during our stay at Sandals Emerald Bay. It was above and beyond and we very much appreciated it. Your team was absolutely fantastic in every facet of our trip, from the planning and making/remaking dinner and golf reservations. You are truly a great team.

I think over the last several months I worked with no less than five different people from the Twinsburg office. Brandy and I were absolutely blown away by the resort and the upgrade you were able to secure for us. The suite was phenomenal and exceeded our expectations. We will absolutely be back to Sandals and Emerald Bay. It is easily the nicest of the Sandals properties we’ve visited and we would recommend it to anyone. By the way, the golf course was stunning. For the most part I played poorly because there was about a 30mph sustained wind, but I did hit a 300 yard drive, made 3 pars and a birdie on 18. That’s how I’ll choose the remember the round.

Andrew and Brandy

Thank you very much! We greatly appreciate all of the work you all did over there with regard to finding the best rates & airfare for the trip.  The Exumas were breathtaking; and Sandals Emerald Bay was a beautiful layout that was definitely more upscale & relaxing.  Also .. Mike called a couple days ahead of our departure and we ended up getting an upgrade to an ocean front villa!! (not to mention we talked them into Megan & Travis getting one too - right next to ours)  Perfect all around!


Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa

Susan and I just returned last night from Whitehouse, I am writing to give you my 2cents on our experience.

Weather:  A couple of afternoons where it never stopped raining.   This is clearly a rainy season in Jamaica.

Property:  The restaurants and main buildings, pools, etc. were excellent.  The rooms were nothing special.  The swim up suites in Negril and the high rise at Antigua were much, much nicer.  The water at Whitehouse is not very clear and full of grass, the sand is squishy, kind of odd out in the water.    Not the crystal clear blue waters we were expecting. Snorkeling was below par as well with not many fish or colors.

Our experience:   When we arrived, after a 2 hour bus ride in a down pour, we were taken to the concierge check in area and met with Lancelot, the concierge manager.  He gave us an upgrade to a two room suite, which normally comes with a butler (we thought we had booked one level below butler).  He said something about corporate not allowing an upgrade to butler level without paying.  He didn't seem to be a happy person, not mean, just never smiled.  He told us we could have a butler for $80 per day.   It was late so I told him I would decide the next day.  We were in a dutch section room 2403 facing south, we had no view of the sunrise or sunset from the room.  I asked about this and they said sunset views were not available for butler guests.   The french section had all of the sunset views and surrounded a pool facing south west.  This area most closely reminded us of Negril.   I agreed to the butler level the next day and paid the $400 expecting to have excellent service.   Our butlers were Patrick and Tamon.   Tamon was nice, patrick seemed distracted and needing to get to the next thing.  The $400 was a waste of our money.  Everything I needed I had to ask for, and usually wait for.  The only thing that was helpful was walking into dinner with a table ready to go.   We did the SSG one night and beach party another, so they only escorted us to dinner 2 times.  Usually the butler checks on Susan during the day at the beach and just shows up with a drink or something special.   That did happen a couple of times with some shrimp late in the day.  The expectation seemed to be since we had the phone we had to call to make anything happen.   They also called the room well before 9am to ask me a question a couple of times, this is the only time my wife gets to sleep late.

As you know Susan and I needed to get away big time.   We had an okay experience as far as the resort went.   We certainly had a great time as a couple.  I sang in the talent show, which was a lot of fun.  I'm glad I was near the front of the show because of the excellent talent that volunteered.   We met a lot of fun new friends and several experienced Sandals regulars which said the resort was fine, but they would not be back.  I would choose several other properties over this one for sure.   Just wanted you to know my thoughts as you advise other guests.   If I was a newlywed booked there I probably wouldn't know the difference of Negril or St. Lucia.   We were glad to be on the beach and in the tropics, except for the rain.   If there is anything you can do about the $400 for the butlers who didn't do much let me know, or if you would like to forward this to Sandals that is fine.   One other thing, Lancelot seemed to challenge my returning guest status.   NOt sure why.   Maybe the SSG computer doesn't have all of our trips in there?   We will try Emerald Bay next time.

Thanks for your help, Randy

We had such a fabulous time on our third trip to Sandals Whitehouse! Everything went off without a hitch. We got a nice upgrade in the Italian Village. Thank you! We enjoyed Whitehouse to its fullest, but we're itching to get back to Negril. We visited Sandals Negril on a day trip the second time we stayed at Whitehouse.

Thank you,
Ryan & Christine
Thank you for a wonderful vacation everything went well had a great time. They upgraded us to the Duch village, we liked very much quite very nice. We were thinking we would like to go back again, and would like you to take care of our air, and resevertions. We think we would like to split up the vacation between two resorts, Sandals Negril, & Sandals Whitehouse 4 nights at Negril for some more entertament and shoping. and 6 nights at Whitehouse for relaxing.  Looking forward to doing business with you again!    Thank You,  Cheryl & Jerry
Thank You!

Just wanted to thank you for all of your help with our return trip Sandals Whitehouse. In spite of the cool temperatures and overcast skies, we had a wonderful relaxing vacation.  Sandals honored our request for the French village and we were upgraded from the Deluxe category to the fourth floor (Grand Lux, I think). On top of the upgrade, they had a bottle chilled champagne waiting in our room upon arrival.

Thanks again,
Larry & Tammy

Just this evening returned from a week at Whitehouse. The most beautiful setting in the world.  Colorful, scenic, peaceful, crystal clear waters from the sand outward.  The pastry shop was our favorite with chocolate covered fruits, etc.  It will be hard to re-enter reality.

Don and Donna

Sandals Grande St. Lucian Spa & Beach Resort
We had a GREAT trip and would totally recommend the Grand St Lucian to anyone! You guys and the Sandals chain are so AWESOME! Oh! And we got our silver sandals on this trip!!!
Thank you SOOO much!
KayDee and Bobby

The trip to the Grande was pretty nice thank you for the last minute service, I was able to get an upgrade to and ocean side room which was ok . I think the side with the smaller pool is alot nicer the the flower over there are awesome .The staff there meaning the managers where great ,I could have done without the barefoot by the sea ,and the place on the pier you can only eat there if you have a room with butler service . Or at and additional $150 .Over all a very nice place .

Mike and Terry


St Lucia was gorgeous…and our Rondoval Suite at the Grande was the most amazing experience ever!!!  I felt like a real life princess (which I know I am anyway)!  We had a great time and everyone loved the rooms!!!  So, a big thank you for everything you did to help us….I do have to say I LOVED the Grande way more than the Regency….Thanks so much for your help!

Tasha and Bill


Its Mike and Anette from New York.  We just got back from the Sandals Grande St. Lucian - it was awesome!  The place was beautiful, the staff and food were unbelievable. We were upgraded to a swim up concierge room!  It was a truly great vacation - thank you so much! It seems we were invited to every party that the resort had.  Thank you again for helping us with a truly memorable vacation!

Mike & Annette

Well, we just returned from the Grande St. Lucian and can't say enough great things about the resort! The place is awesome!!

Beth & Jim


We just returned from a wonderful vacation that we booked through you.  We stayed at Sandals Grande in St. Lucia.  We loved every minute of it (except the day we had to leave).  I just wanted to thank you for everything.  We are already looking into taking the kids to Beaches Turks & Caicos or Beaches Negril next summer.

Thank You,
Mary & Greg

Sandals Montego Bay

Thank you so very much for all of your assistance with our recent Sandals vacation, my daughter's weddingmoon, and my inlaws' vow renewal. The wedding was beautiful. The kids thoroughly enjoyed every minute of their stay at SMB. In spite of a rocky start, the inlaws who had never been on a vacation, had the time of their lives.

As you know, I do all of my own research regarding resorts, room categories and pricing. I could book our Sandals vacations directly through thier website. However, knowing that I have a wonderful travel agent to turn to should I have any questions or issues gives me piece of mind. I truly appreciate your service and am especially grateful to Jane for stepping and taking taking care of an issue the inlaws had. Twinsburg Travel is the absolute best!


Had a wonderful trip as always. I'll try to post some pictures on your facebook page. Thanks again
We wanted you to know that Sandals Montego Bay was a good call!  The resort was much more than we expected!  We were upgraded to a beautiful view ocean front room! The resort was upbeat and full of energy. The beach was outstanding.

Thanks again,
Paul and Deb

Sandals Barbados

Small property.  The staff was reasonably organized and very helpful....a bit better than Grenada for just opening. Food in our opinion was good.  Restaurants very nicely decorated. Bars were stocked with the liquor we generally drink. Our room at the deluxe level was refurbished but small and had no view, but what I would have expected for this level. Entertainment during the day and evening was very lacking and we rarely knew what was planned for the evening (like chocolate night, etc.) so they needed to better communicate. The swim up bar was the downside of the property.  Too small and each morning we had to get up earlier and earlier to reserve chairs with towels.  The butlers had to do the same as they found guests were beating them to it.  Music was blah around the swim area unlike Grenada where they had an awesome DJ each day from late morning to afternoon.  Many guests were sitting on the beach due to lack of room at the swim up area.  The other pools were far too quite (though done up nicely) for us to want to hang out there.  Beach was small but attractive.  Although the pool bar sat adjacent to the beach there were so many palm trees it obstructed the view.  The bay is far too rough (waves and wind) to do much in the way of watersports.  If you were an experienced sailor you could take a Hobie Cat out.  No one braved the ocean canoe's. Mark could body surf with the waves being so big. We didn't go snorkeling so can't comment on that. I liked our free massage and I paid for a pedicure that I thought went well. Overall we had a great time because we know how to with great friends.  However, I didn't think it was worth the extra money to return there so it is why we picked Antigua to go to instead for the next family/friends outing.  The large signature pool is way more appealing and I hope they don't continue to go away from that.  They had a vacant lot next to the property of which we were told was Sandals.  When or if they develop this so the property is bigger it could be a bonus.  It is my belief that if Sandals continues to raise their rates as they have been and have little regard for their casual traveler who has a limited budget, they will continue to loose some of their customer base.  What some of those people are paying for those room categories it just isn't worth it in my opinion.

Lori and Mark


Sandals LaSource Grenada

Sandals Royal Caribbean

Wanted to drop you a line and tell you that we had a great vacation experience J  Probably would opt not to go the butler route next time (just more annoying than pleasurable).  Nice to have them for the reservation service at the restaurants and spa but annoying when they wanted us to stay in our rooms until they picked us up to accompanying us to the reserved event.   Other than that, everything was awesome.  Thank you for all your help.

Lori T

We had a wonderful trip to the Royal Caribbean, the weather was warm, and great ... hard to come home!
We did get upgraded to Concierge, but didn't quite figure it out until we were there a couple of days, we had some of the perks, but were missing some so we finally asked! It was great trip though! I liked being so close to the airport. 

Thanks again for putting together a great get-away, I am looking forward to the next one!

Julie and Ken

As usual another wonderful stay at Sandals Royal Caribbean!  Actually got to see Butch Stewart.  Nice Man.  We really enjoyed the resort.... very relaxing.... went to Montego Bay Sandals and was glad we didn't stay there because of the sounds of the planes! Laughed when all the staff would wave at the planes as they went over!   Anyway..... time to think about next year.  We met quite a lot of couples down at the Royal Caribbean and we also have some friends that we met at the Sandals Antigua and we have decided to go back to the Sandals Antigua Next November, and then we are up to our 70th FREE Stay!  Then we have already planned on where we want to go on Sandals!  The Royal Plantation in Ocho Rios. We talked to some people who had just left there and they said it was the best of the best!  We did get our gold Sandals this year...look great with my tan!

Talk to you soon.
Jim & Beth

Sandals Negril Beach

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. It was truly a beautiful wedding in Negril, Jamaica!!!

mr and mrs


Just wanted to TB regarding Negril. We did get upgraded to a beachfront room very nice! It was definitely NOT our favorite Sandals by far.  Food not good hardly at all and the entertainment compared to all the other sandals we have gone to was also not that great.. i.e. usually during the day they have music going etc.. nothing..  We are pretty easy cocktails,. fun bar, music and sun.. and compared to St. Lucia, Montego Bay, Bahamas, and Antigua this lacked it by far...

Anyways, I have referred several families to you looking at booking Sandals/Beaches vacations. I think we are going to consider for sure Antigua next year.

Just thought you would like the feeback we still had a blast best day was renting a boat and having us and two of our couple friends carted around with a playmaker. We still drank and enjoyed the sun for sure!

Thanks Again!


We're back from Sandals Negril and we had a great time as usual. Thanks for everything! I'm sure we'll be in touch about our next trip... probably sooner than later ;-) Our favorite staff members: Our butlers Sean and Denato were really good to us. Chris at the beach bar has become a friend of ours over the years. It was great to see Juliette from housekeeping again. Finally, there was a trainee at the piano bar, Ackeem, who we had a lot of fun with. We wanted to put in a good word for him!

Ryan and Christine

I don't even know where to begin.  We had sooo much fun at Sandals Negril!!  We truly enjoyed ourselves!  Big thanks to you & the rest of the team at Twinsburg Travel for making our vacation a reality! We didn't get an upgrade but we didn't stay in our room much either.  We made ourselves busy soaking up the sun on the beach, pool, & enjoying all the other activities the resort had to offer, so our room was just fine.  Sandals Negril was BEAUTIFUL and in the evening the sunset was AMAZING!  The staff was overwhelmingly helpful & husband made friends with several of the staff and by the end of the week we were all on first name basis.  We have told everyone what a great time we had and are already planning on booking our next trip here very soon!  As they say in Jamaica, we will "soon comeback"!  This was THE BEST vacation ever & we can hardly wait till next year when we return!

Thanks again for everything,
(especially your patience)
Sincerely, Cliff & Daniela J
It was terrific!  The weather was the best we have ever had, we only had rain on Sunday morning and we were at Mass in Negril and by the time we got back and got ready it was sunny out and we were out on the beach.  We weren't able to get an upgrade until our last night.  They called us and asked if we wanted to go to the Sundowner River Suite, so we moved to it on Friday.  The room was really nice, we were on the 2nd floor.  But the original room that we had at the resort was very nice and the view was terrific.  I got some beautiful sunset pictures that I want to have enlarged.  So, now we have next year to look forward to. The only thing I didn't like was coming home to about 30" of snow.  We couldn't even get into our drive! I was ready to go back! I am ready for Spring now. Thanks for all of your help!  You always make our trips easy for us.

Thanks, Sue
We just returned from our visit at Sandals at Negril that you planned for us.  Everything went off without a problem and we had a wonderful time.  Just wanted to say thank you for everything, and making it so easy online to book such a great vacation.

Sincerely, Julie

Very belated thanks for your help with our reservations.  The customs immigration thing was most ridiculous, but other than that, Sandals was perfect!  Richard and I never even left the resort. We didn't realize that so many honeymoon couples would be there and as it turned out, Saturday the 14th of August, the Saturday before we traveled, was also our anniversary...of 23 it was fun to share the same wedding date as most everyone else there.  We did not plan it that way.  The resort DID  upgrade us to the beachfront with balcony/patio as you had requested, and we were glad we had upgraded from the luxury room anyway.  The couples there who didn't spend a little more were not as happy with their rooms.  I would recommend that place anytime and we will plan to go back...just fly out of LA direct on Air Jamaica instead of the routing SF through Charlotte.  In fact, if you ever come across a super can't pass it up deal, let us know...Thanks again for your help with our reservations!

Best regards,
Ginny and Richard

My husband & I want to Thank you for helping to make our Honeymoon perfect!!!  We just came back from our trip to Sandals in Negril, Jamaica which was GREAT!  Just as you had hoped, we were given  an upgrade to an ocean front room with a perfect view of the beach.  The room was situated in a more secluded part of the resort which we loved!  The resort was very nice and we took full advantage of all the water activities including scuba diving and water skiing.  We are so impressed with how smoothly our honeymoon vacation plans unfolded and hope others will take advantage of your agency!  We look forward to recommending Twinsburg Travel & Cruise to all of our newly engaged friends!

Thank you again!!
Amy & George

Sandals Grande Riviera Ocho Rios Golf Resort

Jeff and I have just returned from the Sandals Grande Riviera Resort.  The resort absolutely exceeded our expectations.  The staff at the resort treated us like royalty and the food was wonderful.  Our butlers Sheldon and Darron went above and beyond to ensure that our every need and want was met; from saving our chairs at the pool, to setting up a romantic candle lite bubble bath waiting for us when we returned from the pool on our last night.  Our Villa was amazing and the view was absolutely breath taking.  Thank you so much for making our 10 year anniversary one we will never forget!!  We plan on going back with our friends in 2013 and will call your agency when we are ready to book.  We will definitely recommend your agency to all our friends and family.

Thank you again,
Jeff and Jenny

Thank you for the fruit and chocolate tray that was sent - we enjoyed it very much. We are at the resort now, and enjoying our vacation. Thank you very much for your help. Scott and Tonia
WOW What a great place! Wanted to let you know we had a BLAST!!!!  We went on the Dunns River Fall Boat ride on the Cool Jazz. What a great time that was!  Looking forward to booking our next trip with you!!!!!!!


Sandals Royal Bahamian

I just finished unpacking but couldn’t wait to tell you guys what a fantastic trip we had at Sandals.  It was awesome from the moment we got there. As you know, it couldn’t snow any harder here in New Jersey Thursday morning when we left.  Luckily we made it to the airport and the flight did not get cancelled.  It was delayed a bit while they were de-icing the plane but then took off.  Whew!  The people at Sandals were all great – our room had a fantastic ocean and pool view on the top floor.  By the way, thank you so much for the fruit platter.  That was so nice of you.  And our anniversary dinner at Baccaret was fabulous.  The staff there came out and sang happy anniversary and brought us a special dessert.  We returned to our room and found towels made into swans surrounded by rose petals.  What could be better? Anyway, thank you so much for all your help with making this such a special vacation.  We will definitely return to a Sandals resort – now we need to decide which one next.

Lucille and Jim

I wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our trip to the 
Royal Bahamian for our free week. We did not receive a butler suite
but our room was on the top floor of the Windsor building and we had 
a fantastic view of the sea. We met Michael, the general manager, 
and we spoke to him daily. He was always walking around the property
and we wondered if he ever takes a day off. We also met Steffan, 
the food and beverage manager. He comped us to Gordon's restaurant
on the pier and he also made sure my wife was served lobster for her
birthday dinner. It is almost time to plan our next getaway so 
I will be in touch. Thank you for everything.

I want to say thank you for a memorable 50th birthday vacation. This was our first stay at the Sandals Royal Bahamian resort in Nassau and it was fabulous. We have taken family vacations at the Beaches Turks and Caicos and Negril resorts with the kids in the past, so we already had high expectations of what we should expect, and I must say we were not let down. The resort picked my wife and I up in their Bentley and gave us first class service to the resort where we were upgraded, and brought straight to concierge for check in. After we checked in they brought us to get some lunch where we met Latoysa at Spices restaurant, she was so accommodating and nice that we ate there almost very day. We had a great time relaxing on the beach and at the pool. At night we watched a reggae band on the beach, sat at the piano bar and had a few drinks during their nightly sing a longs. I must say, the resort was top notch. We are thinking of planning another vacation there for our 25th anniversary. Again, thank you for another wonderful vacation. Mark & Cindy

We had a wonderful time in the Bahamas.  Thanks so much for helping to organize the trip.


We are back and had an awesome time!  Everything went perfect!  The hair and nails went well, the ceremony was beautiful, our flowers were beautiful, the reception was beautiful!  Thanks so much for all of your help over the last year an a half, helping us plan our wedding! 

Thanks again for everything!
Annie and Donn

Sandals Grande Antigua

Sandals absolutely did not disappoint! so...we are going again, this time to the Grande St. Lucia.
The spa was second best massage ever :-) (Check out Twinsburg Travel's facebook for current pictures.)



Good Afternoon,
Just wanted to say that my wife and I just returned from our honeymoon at the Sandals Resort in Antigua. Twinsburg Travel was wonderful to work with in planning it and such, and everything went very smoothly. I will definitely work with you again in the future, so thank you for everything.



Hi, everyone!

We just got back from our beautiful trip in Antigua and had a great time.  Initally, they gave up a walk-up room, which while nice, we didn't have a good view because of all of the foliage surrounding the area.  We had to spent 4 days in it before we were able to get a room on the top floor (7th) and the view was spectacular!!  Not only could we see the pool and key areas on the property but we could see the ocean from every direction we looked.  I could go on but I know you're too busy to read it (smile).

Thanks so much.
Mrs. Maggie


Would like to say a great big thank-you to all of you there who helped in planning our trip to Sandlas Antigua.  It was awesome.  In fact it has taken a great deal of adjustment to come back to the real world! Thank-you all so much for putting all the details together.... all 5 couples are much more than satisfied!

Robin M

Sandals La Toc St. Lucia
We had a wonderful time in St Lucia. On arrival we were welcomed by our butlers( Sydney and Ficus), Mr Christopher Eliot( Hotel Manger), and Mr Ian Michel (Sandals Select Manager). On Kristi's Birthday Mr Eliot tracked us down and to personally wish her a happy birthday. We had an excellent dinner in the room to celebrate and the butlers had decorated the bed and placed a cake in the center(photo attached). During the dinner the Head Butler (Suzanna Joseph) called and sang Happy Birthday to Kristi. That even surprised our butler. As far as the suite goes, it is fantastic! I have a few photos attached but I'm not sure it does it justice. I find the best feature is the large deck below the plunge pool and adjacent to the jacuzzi. It has two large lounge chairs, a wonderful view and is completely private. The plunge pool is a little larger than the one at the two story suites.  The only problems we ran into was more rain than we would have wanted, but it did not prevent us from doing anything we had planned. The other was I ran into some bad food somewhere and fortunately it didn't catch up to me until late afternoon on our last day. It got bad enough where we decided to get a doctor and Sandals handled the situation perfectly. Within 30 minutes of Kristi calling we had the doctor in the room and he gave me some medicine so I would be able to travel home with little discomfort. It's not something that I wanted to happen, but it is nice to see Sandals will be there during a medical problem. The bill was actually reasonable considering it was a house call. All in all, this was a fantastic vacation. I am sure we will be going back to St Lucia, and Sandals, in the near future. Thank you for all your help in making this such a wonderful time! Sincerely, Don & Kristi
slu mill 1    

I wanted to let you know that the Regency was WONDERFUL!  Danny & I were VERY impressed and this was definitely one of our favorite properties!  The food was fantastic!  One of the greatest things is that even though it was fully booked you never felt it!  Our past experience is that each restaurants takes a turn and closes one night during the week but here, they kept every restaurant open every night and even added seating around the pool area (which was very nice) to accommodate.  This was great; considering last year at Royal Caribbean you had an average 45 minute wait EVERY night…  Says a lot for their food & beverage manager… 


We did go over to The Grand which was gorgeous however, that felt PACKED!  Several couples on our shuttle said they kept coming to our resort for dinner because they said the previous evenings they had long waits… 


We were upgraded to ocean side which was wonderful (even though those French balconies stink)…  And it was a large room…  With all that said – we probably won’t go back any time soon – though we loved it – Jamaica is just as beautiful and I hated having to take two flights!   As soon as an airline flies straight through – we’re so there!  Unfortunately it made me real skeptical for Antigua also who doesn’t have a straight through from Philadelphia either… 


At the signature dinner we sat with this young couple who were very nice.  He was a travel agent and they were in the Bahamas last year for the star awards they said you guys were there also but they didn’t remember the name of the representative so I didn’t know if it was you or not… We gave your website and name to 3 couples – hopefully one or all will contact you for their next trip! 


Again – St Lucia La Toc was fantastic and I would highly recommend it to your clients!!!!!

Myra and Danny

Sandals Halcyon Beach

What an absolutely fabulous vacation!! From beginning to end, we felt like we were treated like kings and queens. Our renewal of vows was very special- not hokey at all! Thanks for helping make our 10 year anniversary so perfect! We praised Twinsburg to a number of new friends we met. When we post reviews of Sandals Halcyon on reviewer-type websites, we'll be sure to include Twinsburg Travel as our travel agent of choice. Blair and I realized we cannot go another 10 years to getback to the Halcyon. Thanks so much!

Regards, Loretta

Sandals Inn
Had a blast on vacation ...thanks for all of your help...I will be in touch when I want to go back to Sandals!

Brian, PA

Beaches Negril

I just wanted to give you a little feedback on our visit to Beaches.  Originally being booked at Grand Pineapple (and paying Grand Pineapple prices) we were a little concerned that we may receive less than their standard service.  NOPE.  We were treated better here than at any of the Sandals properties that we have visited in the past.  We received full diamond level benefits, got an upgraded beachfront room, and received the best service of any property visited.  Even staff that we had not met were addressing us by name and asking if there was anything that they could do for us.  The room was a little smaller than what we generally received at Sandals but plenty large enough and very comfortable.  The management at Beaches has everything fine tuned to the point that I would not hesitate to say that this is by far the best run of any property that we have visited.  As you know this place is a paradise for children but as an older couple we had no problem finding a quite area to spend our time and Becky had great fun chasing down the Sesame Street characters for pictures.   To our surprise, this one of our best trips ever. 

David and Becky

Just got back from another great vacation at Beaches Negril. They upgraded us to a huge room - our biggest ever! Weather was great, my son made a lot of friends, and my wife & I gained about 10 pounds each! Thanks again for your assistance. Hope to be touching base with you again in the summer sometime for our next trip. Hope your all doing well.

We had a great time, we were treated like royalty!  Upon check in we were brought to the Conciege Suite and then to our upgraded room, all decorated in banners and ballons welcoming us home, campagne on ice and the rest of the vacation was the same ...awesome.  Only disappointment, my husband was not crazy for the food, I was fine though, he thought there should be more selection and better quality like Beaches Turks and Caicos, that resort spoiled him. Cathy

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that my family and I had a wonderful time at Beaches Negril!  The resort was very nice and the weather was sunny and warm just about every day.  Beaches Negril had so much to offer in terms of activities for everyone.  I personally loved the water sports and scuba diving and my wife and 5-year old daughter loved the lazy river and the beach.  We also left the resort to visit the Y.S. Water Falls and Rick’s Café which were both great.  And YES, in case you were wondering…I did jump off the high cliff at Rick’s Café which still freaks me out til this day!! Thanks again for all of your help and for setting up our trip.  We look forward to booking our next trip with you next year.

Regards, Dean


Just wanted to say thank you for another memorable family trip. My family had a great time in Jamaica, the Negril Beaches were beautiful, the people were friendly, and the resort was very nice. I must say you were right about going to Turks and Caicos first.  Our expectations were set very high, and Negril although very nice, was not as nice as Turks, the Beaches in Jamaica were definitely nicer, but the resort at Turks was bigger and better maintained. Again, thank you for all that you have done to make this another pleasant Beaches vacation for us.


Beaches Turks & Caicos
Just want to say thank you for setting up our amazing trip, we truly had a fantastic time. Nothing has changed there as it relates to how wonderful of a destination it is and what a great vacation it is for our family. It’s still on the top of our list as the best vacation any family could have. Great weather, great activities, great accommodations, and very relaxing. By the way, we chartered a private boat through Kenard Charters with another family we knew that happened to be going there at the same time. It was expensive but truly the best day there, a once in a lifetime experience. Highly recommend! We were a group of 10 people with a beautiful small yacht all to ourselves. He took us to a deserted island, a snorkel spot and cooked up lunch…. Was awesome beyond words! Our kids want to go back again next year! Lol. Anyway, thanks again! Wendy
Vacation to Beaches Turks and Caicos went wonderful the resort upgraded us upon arrival to Italian Village, the food at all the restaurants was impressive water park was nice, beach was great, swam with turtles and dolphin Thank you and Happy New Year Tony

We would like to thank you for assisting us with our trip to Turks and Caicos "Beaches"  Everything was perfect! Thank you Jane for inquiring for an upgrade. We received an upgrade and it was beyond our expectations. The resort upgraded us to a 2 Villa suite which had 2 private bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, small kitchenette, and a living room. The room was right off the beach, it was absolutely beautiful. Our reservations were perfect and had no problems or concerns. The weather was absolutely perfect, everyday was 80 or above. The resort was not overcrowded and no reservations or lines for dinner. The kids had a blast. I just wanted to drop you a line and say Thank you.!!!!   Missy and Brian


We just returned late Saturday from Beaches and we LOVED it!!!

Thanks! Melissa


Hi and Thanks so much to all of you at Twinsburg Travel!  Wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks….we all had a fabulous vacation!!!!! We look forward to recommending you all and traveling again in the future!

Thanks! Jeanne

Beaches Turks & Caicos Review by Jane Yarosh, Sales

Recently my family and I returned from our vacation staying at Beaches Turks & Caicos.  This was our 2nd time to the resort within 3 years.  I cannot say enough about this resort, it was outstanding!  

The resort was completely full during our stay.  We never felt there were any issues at the facilities. There were plenty of chairs by pool and beach.  Never did we have to wait long, if any, for the restaurants.

Restaurants were top notch and the staff was extremely helpful and great with the kids.  The food selection and taste was really good.  The liquor selection I thought was upgraded from last visit. The grounds were beautiful! Well kept after.

The kid's camp was awesome! The staff to kid ratio was very good. They have a birthday party for Elmo during Camp Sesame, cooking with Cookie Monster, treasure hunts and pirate parties and it was clear to see the kids were having a blast!

There was a beach party one night which was really extraordinary!  Live musical performances other nights. The new water park area is incredible and even great for toddlers.  Our kids loved the pirate's ship & the splash fountains.  Kids that are 36 inches can go down the smaller waterslides alone.  I was able to go down the waterslides my little one, which he enjoyed. The surf simulator and new water slides reserved for kids over 48" is a big hit with the teens and adults.  The water slide using a water tube is fun and the lazy river is relaxing and long. There was never an issue to find a float. 

The new Italian Village is gorgeous!  The suites are wonderful and definitely kid oriented.  All come with bunk beds and an Xbox in the room.  The new Italian pool was my favorite due to it was close to the beach so I could go back and forth with ease.  There are cabanas around the pool which are very nice that are reserved for Butler Guests.  

I was able to view many different room categories from the original Caribbean Village and French Village.  I was very impressed with the updates and décor.  The suites in the original Caribbean Village section are a bit larger and are more suited for couples or families with adult children.
Please email me or call 1-800-514-6789 with any questions and to book your summer or fall family vacation.
Jane, ext. 5837

Sandals Royal Plantation
Annette & I just returned from Royal Plantation and wanted to say Thank You for recommending such a great place! We were celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary - and it could not have been any better! The service and staff were unbelievable. The food, the rooms and the beach were awesome.  I have been to the Ritz-Carlton in St. Thomas and to Canneel Bay in St. John - this place is right up there with them.

Thank you so much for helping to make our special day that much better - once again you have proven that you are the best!  Thanks again!!

Annette & Michael

We just had a fabulous week at the Sandals Royal Plantation. If you are like us and still miss Sandals Dunns River, you must visit Sandals Royal Plantation. Everything that we liked about Sandals Dunns River was waiting on us at Sandals Royal Plantation, plus more that we did not expect. It is a small intimate property, only 74 suites, 3 wonderful restaurants, plus the Wobbly Peacock. The General Manager, Peter Fraser, along with his staff offer true 5-Star service in a quiet, friendly atmosphere. We were greeted at the Airport by the Sandals Airport team and within a few minutes, we were in a private car heading to the resort. Upon arrival at the resort, one of our Butlers, Neil, along with Peter Fraser, Resort GM, and Kelli Ann, the Soon Come Back Manager, greeted us. We asked about our room. Peter Fraser was very happy to tell us we had an excellent room. Every day was all about relaxing for us, and the staff was happy to help. Our Butlers, Neil and Ken Roy, ensured we had everything we could possibly need or want, and were happy to greet us each morning with our cooked to order breakfast served on our veranda. We sought out a quiet shady spot on the East Beach were we lounged, read, slept and just enjoyed listening to the waves. Adrian Coombs and Cleon took excellent care of us during the day, serving us delicious drinks. I really enjoyed the misting spray and cucumbers that Cleon delivered each day to refresh us. At the restaurants, we were treated to first class service with a smile from Natalia, Sherrill, Taniqua, Ondray, Romain, Ian, and our young waiters in the Training Program, Chase, Renardo, and Shaniqua. This resort hosts their Return Guest Dinner on Tuesday evening, which we appreciated as we always make new friends at this dinner and it was nice to have an extra day to see our new friends before our departure on Saturday. Frederico put together an amazing dinner at the Return Guest Dinner, and we had the pleasure of spending time with SJ. SJ was quite amused with me as I “shot” the special aperitif, coffee flavored tequila that was offered at the end of the Return Guest Dinner. I did not know that this was a sipping aperitif and immediately fired the drink down. It was a fun evening and then SJ departed to return to his home for the birth of his first baby. On Wednesday, our trip included a sunset catamaran cruise and Jason served as our cruise director and host. The cruise was delightful and the fellows were happy that the Captain allowed them to slide down the water slide. I especially enjoyed being entertained by Jason’s dancing on the back of the catamaran. Thursday evening we enjoyed a very special dinner prepared exclusively for us for Frederico. On our last evening at the Resort, the outer bands of Hurricane Isaac sent flooding rain down on the open-air resort. It was extremely comforting to see all of the staff doing everything possible to ensure their guests were safe and taken care of, as well as working hard to protect any damage to the property. Even staff members that were not officially working that evening returned to the resort to offer assistance. Had it not been for the fact that we were departing in the morning and needed to return to our suite to finish packing, we would have loved to be able to hang out at the Wobbly Peacock with all of the gang. We truly consider them all friends and are very much looking forward to our return next August. Early in the week we had discussed the lunacy of booking this trip during Hurricane season, however, after being spoiled and pampered by the Sandals Royal Plantation family, we ended the week by visiting the Soon Come Back desk and booking again for the same time next year. For anyone looking for a wonderful, first class visit to a small, intimate property in Jamaica, you need to put Sandals Royal Plantation on the top of your list! All of our travel arrangements are coordinated through Jane Yarosh with Twinsburg Travel, one of Sandals top Travel Agencies. Bob & Julie

Beaches Ocho Rios
I booked my family on a vacation to Beaches Ocho Rios and we had an awesome time.  All the accommodations were absolutely wonderful.  It was a very relaxing vacation which was very needed.  All the documents and everything
was perfect.  There were no glitches at all.  So we just wanted to say thank you very much.

Thanks again,
Rob, Kim and Kaitlynn

My family and I got back from Beaches Ocho Rios.  We had been to Boscobel beach 9 times when it was part of SuperClubs.  We found the changes to the resort pleasantly surprising.  Overall the trip and food were good, the last 3 days were not very sunny, but no one can predict the weather. First let me say, I am impressed with your travel agency and the ease of booking and email updates on the reservations, confirmations, sending of tickets etc..

Brian & Karen

Other Resorts
Hard Rock Dominican Republic

Thanks for all of the help in booking our family vacation. We had an incredible time in the Dominican. I would recommend this hotel to any family traveling to Punta Cana. There was a little language barrier but not too much of a problem. Will not only recommend the hotel but also Twinsburg Travel.

Secrets Maroma

The service here blows away sandals by a million miles. My wife and I have been to many all-inclusive in Mexico and the Caribbean. This one ranks at the top of our list. The turquoise blue water and white sandy beach were lovely. This was probably the 2nd nicest beach we have been to. You can walk in both directions for miles. There are some areas that have no hotels on the beach, so there is some trash and seaweed there, but Secrets does an excellent job of keeping their beach pristine. Plenty of room for loungers on the beach and a beach bar. I noticed there were always plenty of bartenders and servers by pool and the beach. Never had to wait for more than 1 person ahead of me at the bar. Great service at restaurants, no waiting for a seat at 6 -6:30 pm, we never went later, so I can’t comment. One nice thing they did, was make groups wait, and seated couples first.

The Room was comfortable, mattress was good, room service and maid service was great. We never had a problem needing anything. Plenty of hot water for showering for two people. Loved the room service for breakfast, and to get my favorite beers for the fridge in room. I called Room service a couple times , they said 20 minutes, they were there in 10 – 15 minutes. Entertainment staff was great, they helped make the trip memorable. Especially Cesar and Paulina.

All the entertainment staff was great, they always greeted you with a smile and were Eager to chat and let you know of the upcoming activities. Never felt forced to join in, but had a lot of fun when we did. There were a couple of company’s having meetings while we were there. I didn't notice an change in the service we received, but the groups did tend to take over a section of the beach, pool and bar while drinking and yelling a lot, taking away from the romantic couple’s atmosphere.

Brian and Karen


Las Grand Velas
Our recent stay at Las Grand Velas.  As you know, this was our third visit to this resort.  There have been some wonderful changes since our last year's visit.  Most importantly, the resort now includes what they call Basic WiFi with their packages.  We found this very adequate for checking our e-mail or searching something on the internet.  In my opinion, the only reason one might want to upgrade this WiFi plan is if they planned to stream movies.

We learned that there is a new Manager at this resort.  Whereas the breakfast and lunch buffets were always exceptional, now they are even better!  Chips and Guacamole are placed on each table at lunch!  The service at the entire resort is exceptional.  The Chefs are willing and eager to prepare anything you might want - very personal service.  The grounds are incredibly clean.  The staff at the pool were plentiful and pleasant and at your service in a minute! We remain very pleased with the Dining Restaurants.  The food is exceptional, the service beyond belief, and, once again, the Chefs are very accommodating and will make any substitutions you desire from their menu.  We were very pleased with our room assignment #710.  I would recommend that guests stay away from the first floor as your privacy is compromised. The higher the floor, the better the view.  The ocean noise from our patio was so delightful!!  Also, the air conditioning system in the hotel rooms is terrific.  It stays as cool as you prefer all night long.  Lastly, the resort has increased their entertainment at night.  We attended a "circus show" with performers who equaled those in Cirque du Soleil performances (of course without the stage set-ups and lighting!)  The music performers in the restaurants at night were wonderful, particularly the trombone player! We will definitely be returning to this resort in the future.  If any of your clients have and questions, feel free to ask us!  Thanks again for your exceptional travel arrangements!  Sincerely, Paula


Excellence Riviera Cancun

“Our 12th Excellence Stay” Jul 29, 2013 sunylatitude We stayed at the Excellence Riviera Cancun. This was our 12th stay at ERC. We have done numerous trip reports in the past, so we will only add the following:

What a welcome home we received. We thought it was quite odd that they left us walk by ourselves to the large wooden doors, we thought they know we are home and know our way around, however, when the doors opened there were numerous ERC employees all there to welcome us HOME AGAIN! What a nice surprise it was.

We always stay at the Club level and feel it is worth the little additional money you pay for all the extra things you get, especially the private beach and pool area, Club with free computer access and Concierge service, and all day snacks, appetizers and top shelf liquor. This trip Excellence has added many new features to the Club level bringing it back to the 5* level, these include special horderves and specialty drinks delivered to your chair during the day, Afternoon Tea and Treats on Tuesday, Chocolate Buffet on Thursdays, and new wooden beach chairs with plush chair pads. They rearranged all of the furniture in the Excellence Club, the check-in desks are now up front, the couches are in the center and the dinning tables to the rear of the Club. They now have (4) pool and beach concierges and the level of service they provide is very nice. Moises is still the Club pool bar man, and he along with Melissa and Rosie keep the drinks flowing. The quality and selection of food in our opinion, is very good, and we seen many new menu items on this trip including Toscana going back to their original menu. We feel the size of the evening meals is sufficient and if you find you are not full, just order another course. The breakfast and lunch buffets have an endless selection and the new Las Olas beach restaurant gives you a chance to be lazy and dine by on the beach. The overall cleanliness and beauty of the resort is impressive, it is always spotless and clean everywhere you go. The resort is still being run to the top notch service and expectations that we have encountered on all of our previous trips and with the changes to the Excellence Club, it is now even better.

The Martini Bar is such a classy place with exceptional bartenders eager to serve you your favorite libation, and in the evening it turns into a social venue with very good entertainers performing on some evenings. Excellence Riviera Cancun always provides us with a care free, very relaxing vacation and the employees really make this place “special”. Also, we would like to mention that we have used Twinsburg Travel now for over 25 of our vacations, and Jason and Jane have always provided us with superior service, thanks Twinsburg Travel!


Moon Palace (Mexico)

Just writing to report another great vacation. Moon Palace was really nice. Don't know if you've been there, but we would highly recommend it. Really nothing bad to say about it, although they could have had a few more shuttles available (very big property!). Food was very good, pool was amazing, and we had great weather. My wife was happy with the Resort Credit, and spent some time at the SPA, and we went Zip-lining; things we never would have done without the "free" money. For what it's worth, we did not get the "private" ride from the airport when we arrived, but since we were the first stop on our van, I didn't worry about it. On the return, I did mention it to the Olympus Tours guy at the hotel who schedules the transportation, and we did get a private van back to the airport. They guy said it was not on his list that we were to have a private ride going in. Thanks again for the assistance. It's been a pleasure.

Bob S.


Riu Santa Fe, Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico

Hello Friends!
My Husband and I Celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary a Couple of Weeks Ago at The Riu Santa Fe, Cabo, San Lucas, Mexico. We had never been to Cabo. We were greeted at the Airport by a few drug dogs. They sent your baggage through x ray machines before you departed the Airport. It was very quick and not to stressful. We then hopped in a very nice van that took us on a 40 minute drive to The Riu Santa Fe. The All-Inclusive Resort was Immaculate. The Grounds were Absolutely Stunning! We stayed in Building 7 that Overlooked the Beach in The Junior HoneyMoon Suite. We thought we Died and went to Heaven. The Riu is close to all downtown night life and shopping. We recommend on your last day take a water taxi over to The Office or The Mango Deck or Even Lovers Beach. Just don't drink the water or anything with ice. Especially the Mojhito's because they soak their spearment in water. However, on the Resort they Purify all their water and it is fine. The only thing negative we can say about The Riu is the food was not that great. If anything, eat at the Chinese or The Mexican Restaurant. You have to book your Dinners with your Concierge the morning of the day you want to hit that particular restaurant. All in all we had a wonderful vacation! Thank you so much for getting us this fine deal. We will definitely use you again for our Future Vacation Adventures! We had a Freakin Blast!


The Ciresi's


Celebrity Eclipse

A "10" as far as I am concerned, Celebrity Eclipse was amazing. Thank you for all your help with our trip.
Jim P


Ocean Blue, Punta Cana

Just to let you know that we had an awesome vacation and would highly recommend Ocean Blue in Punta Cana to all.

Happy day,
Pam S


Le Blanc

I wanted to give you some feedback about the Le Blanc Hotel.  As you know, Rob and I have been frequent vacationers at the Sandals Resorts and this was really our first venture to another all- inclusive experience.  We were very impressed with many aspects of the Le Blanc Hotel and would highly recommend it to any of your customers.  There were a few downsides, however, the positives far out-weighed the negatives and we had a fabulous time.  Here are my impressions:

1.       The food at this resort was absolutely fabulous!!!  Although there are only 4 main restaurants to choose from in  the evening, the variety and experience was such that we looked forward to returning on another night!

2.      The service was exceptionally good!!!  There were plentiful staff to assist you,, in the restaurants and at the pool or beach.  They were courteous and kind and seemed to anticipate your every need.

3.      The SPA was terrific!!!  We enjoyed facials, manicures, pedicures and a bath treatment. The atmosphere was very relaxing and the sessions were delightful.

4.      The Cancun area was clean and neat.  We walked from the resort to a local flea market and felt very safe. 

5.      Although the Hotel Zone has many hotels in a row, once you are on this resort, you really do not have contact with other resorts unless you walk along the beach.

6.      The beach area is VAST – The sand is white, however there were so many broken shells that it was difficult to walk barefoot for any distance.  Recommend walking with sneakers to protect your feet!

7.      There are 2 pools – the large one was very quiet and had a soothing atmosphere.  They play relaxing spa music around the pool.  The smaller pool is the play pool and is more noisy and active.  It is good that you have a choice.

8.      The reception desk staff could have been more inviting and welcoming.  We found that the staff here was not very warm upon our arrival.

9.      The Butlers are a nice touch, however, we did not use this service.  They are not always visible but can be reached by leaving a phone message.  One should not expect that the Butlers are readily available to draw baths, etc.

10.   The bars in the room are stocked well and are replenished every night.  The Room Service was excellent.  Our room was cleaned promptly every morning and they did a nice turn down every evening.  The staff did an excellent cleaning job.

11.   Vacationers should be forewarned about the small room size.  There is a bedroom area and a step down to a large Jacuzzi tub.  This could be potentially hazardous as the floors are stone and become slippery when wet.  I was disappointed that there was only one sink in the bathroom area.  Another disadvantage is that the toilet door was frosted glass and did not feel very private.

All in all, this was a fabulous vacation and we would definitely go back here in the future/ Paula & Rob


Nisbet Plantation Beach Club

I just wanted to thank you again for planning another wonderful trip for us.  You always do such an excellent job—everything went smoothly!  The hotel was beautiful, and the food was outstanding!  I have to laugh because while the hotel is tiny—only 32 rooms—there were all of 20 people there (and 4 of them were us!!).  The one on one service was outstanding, as you can imagine. I also wanted to thank your office for the quick response to the e-mail I sent from my daughter’s I-Touch (I think someone other than you responded—Lizzy read me the e-mail).  We were confused when we were signing for bills, and wanted to clarify that we weren’t going to be charged for any meals.  Your response was so very quick, and it even prompted the hotel to send us a nice note clarifying that we were, indeed, on an all-inclusive plan. Again, thank you for your outstanding work.  You’re the best! Tanj


Excellence Playa Mujeres

My husband and I returned from our 3rd anniversary trip to The Excellence Playa Mujeres a couple of weeks ago. It is easily one of the most beautiful locations I've ever seen in the area, and the resort was AMAZING.  We booked an Excellence Club room and would highly recommend this choice to any of your customers.  Thank you for your help with that amazing trip. W e are thinking of taking our girls with us on our next vacation.  We've done some researching, and we are leaning strongly towards Breezes Trelawny.  The Beaches resorts are just a bit too expensive for our pocketbooks :)

Your help is appreciated, as always. Brian and Shana H



Just wanted to let you know that we were back from Cozumel and that everything went well.  Thanks for helping put this together on short notice.  The resort was nice and the staff was really great.  I guess my only complaint (though no fault of anyone's) is that we hit "crab season."  I don't know if they were laying eggs or mating or what, but there were thousands of crabs throughout the resort.  They were even in the lobby of the resort, the pools, etc.  I was really glad to be on the second floor of the resort because you had to be really quick to open and shut your room door if you were on the main level because they would run in the room!  I even had one run across my foot and so did my son....yuck!  One of the staff people told me that the crabs do this once a year and it usually last 3-4 weeks.  After a couple of days, the local resort people showed my son how to catch them.  Several great photo opportunities there, let me tell you.....  Oh, well, just an experience we can laugh about now....Again, thank you, Debbie W.


Alaska Cruise

We really enjoyed the cruise to Alaska. Lots of great scenery and the upgrade was worth the extra money. Thanks for your help. Tom G


Playa Del Carmen

Wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time in Playa Del Carmen.  The Gran Porto Real was great and we loved the area. I would love to go back. Thanks, Erica k

Dreams Resort
Great to get away, and always nice to get home.    We had a lovely time and the Dreams Resort was wonderful.    Shuttle was there on time, no problems at all --- THANK YOU!!!!!
Excellence Punta Cana
We just wanted to let you know that we had a great time on vacation at the Excellence in Punta Cana.
Thank you, Sharon
Aruba Hyatt
Thank you for the follow up note, Amalia and I had a great time in Aruba, the Hyatt there
is beautiful and the weather was great every day! I wanted to thank you again for all your help.
We will gladly continue to do business with you and we will always refer friends and family to you!
All the Best,
Jim and Amalia
Iberostar Grand
The Iberostar Grand was good, food was better and the service and personnel were outstanding. The room was good with new TV’s etc. It is a 4 star and we enjoyed it a great deal. I heard from four people at Iberostar Grand Bavaro that this one in Mexico is their favorite.


Excellence Riviera Cancun

We picked a GREAT resort and will return here again for sure, here is our trip report and I will also send you some pictures. 

Our Visit:

After 23 straight Sandals trips we decided to go somewhere else and chose the Excellence Riviera Cancun and we found this to be a very good decision.  Our stay was from April 17 to 24 and we had an “excellent” vacation.  We flew a direct flight on US Airways out of PHL and arrived on time and we were quickly shuttled out to find our Olympus tours representative who guided us to our private van transfer to the resort.  We arrived at the resort around 1:30 pm, and we knew before we left, that you do not get in your room before 3 pm and they did not let us in until 3 pm.   The weather could not have been any better with little to no rain, and mostly sunny and warm days and nights, but the wind did blow very strong on several occasions which caused 2 evenings to be a little cool and the ocean waves were very rough on those 2 days.

Our Room

We stayed in an Excellent Club Level room and we requested a top floor with king bed and our request was honored.  By staying in the Excellence Club Level room you get extra things, (2) Jacuzzi’s - one in the room and one on the balcony, a beach separated from the regular beach, and a beach/pool bar exclusively for club members.  Our room was very nice and had a huge walk in shower, double sink vanity, king bed, (2) Jacuzzi’s, 42” flat screen TV, DVD Player, couch, (3) chairs, a desk and a table.  We liked that you could give the maid a time that you preferred to have you room cleaned each day and she saw that this happened and she never came when we did not want her to.  They also had a card that you could place in your door to tell her if your room was ready to be cleaned or if you need privacy, this was a nice touch.  Nightly turndown service was nice and included a resort fact sheet (which listed the next days activities, restaurant schedule, drink of the day and night entertainment), the next days weather forecast, a little mariachi figurine, and she would place a bottle of water with glass on each nightstand.  Additionally, in the morning a condensed USA Today paper was delivered and hung on your door.

Excellence Club Extras

Almost every day a gentlemen would come around to the beach with ice cold citrus scented towels to sooth your body with, followed by a young lady who offered you fresh fruit.  We also had a gentleman named Abelado who would get our drinks for us all day long and if you wanted to tip him you could, but if not, that was ok, his service and demeanor were always friendly and smiling.  Also as part of the Excellence Club we could order lunch and have it delivered out to us on the beach.  We also had access to the Excellence Club room which had snacks and drinks available from 7 am to 11 pm, and this room also included free internet access on (3) computers.  They also had (2) Concierges on duty most all day long to help you with anything you needed including private check-in and check-out.

The Resort

The resort appeared to be pretty full all week long with most guests only staying for 3 or 4 days long and not 7 nights like we did.  This resort was by far the cleanest resort that we have ever been to and you never seen anyone cleaning anything, they must have elves.  The restrooms were immaculate to say the least and they had regular hand bath towels to dry your hands with after washing and these were always stocked up.  Whether you like the beach or pools this resort has you covered.  The beach is HUGE to say the least with tons of palapas and the softest white sand imaginable, and the sand by the water is cleaned up twice daily by a very large sand rake machine.  If you like pools this resort has (5) of them and they are so large they all seem to inter-connect with one another and there were tons of loungers all around the pools, and many very quite areas if you wanted privacy.  As for towels, there were (2) towel huts, (1) for Excellence Club members (tan towels) and (1) for the regular section (blue towels), and they always seemed to have plenty of clean towels readily available and you could take as many as you wanted.  If you did want a certain palapas or pool chair you do have to get up and be out by 7:00 am to assure that you get what you want to reserve.  We never had any problems with anyone removing or taking our stuff off of our chairs or taking over our palapas.  The grounds at ERC were immaculate and very tropical with hardly a branch or twig out of place.

ERC Employees:

Most all the employees were very friendly and nice and you were always met with Hola or Buenos Dias and all appeared to be very hard workers.  Each group of employees all have their own unique color and type uniforms and after a day or 2 you know what each person does by the way he is dressed.  In all of the formal dinning rooms all the waiters and staff all wore tuxes all day long.  In our 7 days there we saw very few managers around the resort, or if they were there, they made themselves invisible, but we had no problems or issues with anything so this was a non-issue to us.  One thing we liked about the employees and we have never seen before is each and every employee wears a hair net, great idea.  Employees with outstanding service were Abelado, Moises, Jamie, Francisco and Adrian.


The food at this resort was very good.  The breakfast and lunch buffets were almost to the point of being un-imaginable on how much on food and choices were available and there were at least 6 different stations and (2) grill cooking stations which kept you moving through the lines.  Our best evening meals were at the Lobster House and the Grill.  We had the (4) largest lobster tails we have ever seen in our life and the one night neither of us could finish our meal.  The Grill had excellent steaks and numerous cuts to choose from and cooked to perfection.  The Spice Tepanyaki meal was also very good.  Our meals at Toscana and Barcelona were good but on both occasions we did not get what we ordered, so we ate that meal and we were also served the correct meal.  Bars, bars and more bars, 10 total, there is no way you could not find a drink at this place made the way you like it and with the proper amount of alcohol, if you wanted more just ask and you shall receive.  They had several house drinks which were very good the Excellence Martini and the Electric Lemonade were both great drinks.  Beers available were Sol, Sol Light, XX, and Tacate mostly offered in cans, some in bottles and Sol on draft. 

We will return Excellence Riviera Cancun in the future for sure.

 Bill and Cheryl


Riviera Maya Iberstar Parasio

HI .. Just wanted to let you know that our families just returned from Riviera Maya Iberstar Parasio and it was wonderful - I would highly recommend this property and wanted to give you positive feedback for any of your future clients who may be considering this location - resort/beach/entertainment/staff - all


Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge

I took over 300 pics while at Disney (think it's my record), plus Disney took about 50.  A lot of pics were taken at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I fell in love with that place!!!!  There was so much to do and see... the animals were awesome!!!  There were two savanahs of animals that were open (one savanah was closed because they were remodeling), and there were only brief periods of time that the animals were in their shelter for food and vet checks, but it was only one savanah at a time, so there was never a moment that we couldn't check out animals.  The night vision was really cool, too.  I LOVED the food at the lodge... we got to try everything, including all the native African dishes... delicious!!!  I would recommend this hotel for any animal lover!!!!  Thank you so much for helping us book our trip... you're awesome!!!

Dreams Tulum
We are just heading to the airport from Dreams Tulum. 
What a beautiful hidden gem! It was a boutique hotel, 
exactly what we were looking for!  Not a jam packed busy glitzy place. 
Beautiful simple rooms, very clean, everyone was so friendly and helpful! 
There were different themed parties planned throughout the week! Just great!

Thanks again for getting us in there!

Shawn T

Westin St. John
Thanks for all your help…my wife and I had a great time in St. John and we enjoyed our stay at the Westin!  We got back last Thursday just in time to get whacked by our first snow storm of the season!  Oh well, happy Holiday’s to you all and thanks again for helping us plan our trip.

Best Regards, Jim


Royal Caribbean Cruise
Just sending another Thank You for the arranging of our cruise w/ Royal Caribbean!  We are back home in this lovely weather and would love to go back to the 85 degree, sunny skies, calm waters, great excursions, beautiful ship and wonderful staff of Royal Caribbean.  It was a wonderful trip and we had a great time! Just wanted to say thanks again and I'm sure we will be talking again next year for our next trip, be it on a cruise or possibly a resort!

Brian & Leslie

Trip to Curtain Bluff, Antigua
The trip was fantastic...couldn't have been better.  
I can absolutely recommend it to anyone.  It is a hotel like no
other--it just has a great feel to it.

Aloha (Hawaii) We are back, joke is on us, we did not hear alarm this morning, both late 30 min for work... Thanks you one more time for arranging all for this life-time vacation, except very long flight all went well. They upgraded our room to city view, no charge, provided champagne for very first evening, we rented car for two days and drove two time all over the island, made zillion pictures, tasted food, went to Dole plantation, you name it we did it. Also thanks for helping Alex, hope they will be please as we are. For sure we will use and recommend your service, you should be recognized for your kindness, proficiency, knowledge and most important for patience that you showed to us, appreciated.

Thank you so much for an absolutely fabulous vacation to the Dominican Republic.  We have no complaints whatsoever and talked about planning the exact same trip for next year!  Thanks again.  You have gained my confidence and I will be in contact with you for any of our travel needs in the future.

Deborah H. and Family

Royal Cancun

Thank you for recommending the Royal Cancun.  We absolutely loved it.  Being a group of 12 people, it's hard to please everyone, but somehow the Royal Cancun did.  Several of us got upgraded rooms and the swim up suites and Presidential suites are both awesome.  Those that didn't get upgraded weren't upset because their rooms were beautiful as well.  The food was good  and there was enough of a variety that we didn't get sick of it during our 4 day stay.  We were all pleasantly surprised as to how beautiful the resort was and how great the vacation turned out.  We were worried booking a new resort but the risk paid off.  The only thing that was a bit of a nuisance was the ride to the hotel and back to the airport.

Again, thank you for making our trip a huge success.  We would recommend the Royal Cancun to others.


Secrets Capri

We're back :*(
Just wanted to say thank you for EVERYTHING, it was great!!!!!!!! We're definitely going back, we love this place!  Anyhow, just wanted to say thanks, couldn't have done it w/o you!


Occidental Grand Xcaret

Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your help with our trip to the Occidental Grand Xcaret.  We loved every minute of our vacation and loved the Royal Club. We were treated so well during our stay.  So well infact that we are already considered where to go next year for winter break.  We were so pleased with how you and Twinsburg
helped us that we'd like to use your services again.  We really want to stay at another Occidental Grand property.

Thanks in advance!

El Dorado Resort, Riviera Maya Mexico

The El Dorado Resort & Spa was top Shelf and a solid 5 star rating.  Beautiful property, gourmet dining, excellent food presentation, polite and helpful staff.  Recommend this resort for those who want to relax and be pampered.
We will return.

Dean & Mary

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